Welcome to
Blue Elephant Restaurant

Blue Elephant Restaurant brings 15 years of successful Thai restaurant experience to Cincinnati's Hyde Park district. We opened Siam Square Restaurant in 1994 in the Willow Glen district in San Jose, California, and within a few short years, added Erawan Restaurant in the Almaden Valley district of San Jose. We've served many satisfied customers at each location, so we've decided to open the Blue Elephant Restaurant in Cincinnati.

Food offered. The Blue Elephant Restaurant features not only the favourite Thai dishes of both San Jose restaurant, but also includes Japanese sushi and Italian pasta dishes. We only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients in the dishes we serve, even if these ingredients are more expensive than the alternatives. We even specially order ingredients if they are not available in the local area to ensure that our customers have the most flavourful and authentic dining experience possible.

Environment friendly. We at Blue Elephant Restaurant care deeply about the environment. This is why we are currently seeking the LEED NC-2009 certification from the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), which independently verifies that buildings meet standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The restaurant building is constructed in a pedestrian community near public transportation. The parking lot and pond were constructed to enable rainwater to naturally filter into the soil and to be retained on-site. To save energy, the restaurant uses an automatically adjustable daylight dimming system and a geo-thermal heating and cooling system. All building materials for the restaurant were specially chosen from sustainable and recycled materials that are also durable. All the restaurant's interior finishes are either recycled, locally source or low-voc to create a serene and healthy dining environment.